About the Department

About the Department

Department of Social & Health Sciences – Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University's Department of Social & Health Sciences was established in 1974 with the intent on integrating the study of multiple disciplines of the social sciences. The department has expanded into different tracks within the fields of Social & Health Sciences. 

Three Undergraduate Programs


  • Medical Imaging program This is an eclectic study program that comprises three main foci, in imaging, life sciences, and social sciences.


  • Micro (“Prat”) program  A multidisciplinary social science degree focusing on psychology, criminology, anthropology, and sociology.


  • Gerontology program A program that focuses on the fields of psychology and sociology in older ages. It is possible through a direct path to continue on to a master's degree in gerontology.


  • Human Resource Management Program We offer an undergraduate degree in Human resource management that comprises the teaching of academic and practical skills needed for managing human resources. The program includes courses in human resources, economics, psychology, labor law.


M.A. Programs

  • Gerontology: Science of Aging A multidisciplinary program which offers courses from the following domains: Biology, clinical psychology, and sociology of aging, alongside of practical field training. It is a two-year program in collaboration with the Mina & Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences.

Caring for Older Adults provides students basic tools for the diagnosis and clinical treatment of older adults.


  • Human Resources A one-year (three semesters) program that encompasses the variety of knowledge and practice required for practitioners in the field of human resources and related fields.



The PhD program is intended for those who are interested in researching areas in social that are linked to gerontology, human resources, demographics, sociology, and psychology.

To evaluate your possible admission please go into the link below :  https://shoham.biu.ac.il/kabala/