Gerontology program 

Goal of the Track

The goal of the track is to provide students in the track with a basic understanding of central issues, both psychological and social in nature, that arise in the second half of life. Students will take courses related to the psychology and sociology of aging, and they will learn technological applications designed to improve the quality of life of older adults. The comprehensive training that students will receive is designed to provide graduates of the track with an opportunity to enter the field of gerontology, and to allow them to continue to advanced graduate studies. Alternatively, graduates of the track can choose to pursue advanced graduate degrees in various other social science fields.


 Conditions of Acceptance



Employment Possibilities

Graduates of the program will have an advantage in the labor market over other graduates of specific fields in the social sciences as a result of the broad and interdisciplinary knowledge imparted within the framework of this program. For graduates of the program interested in continuing their studies through advanced degrees, there are a wide variety of opportunities. For example, they will be able to pursue an advanced degree in gerontology, or pursue advanced studies in human resources, organizational sociology, organizational behavior in business administration, psychology, and more.


Direct Track to a Master’s Degree

Exceptional students will be able to continue on a direct and accelerated course of study from a bachelor’s degree in gerontology to a master’s degree in gerontology. Participation in this track will be determined on the basis of high achievements during undergraduate studies at the University. Students in this track will benefit from a reduction in courses compared to the regular track. This direct track will allow students to participate in master’s degree courses already in their third year of bachelor’s degree studies and they will be able to complete both degrees within four years.