Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D program is intended for those who are interested in researching areas in social that are linked to gerontology, human resources, demographics, sociology, and psychology.

A Ph.D. program in the Department of Social & Health Sciences trains graduate student in conducting multidisciplinary research, mainly in gerontology. This program enables the students to deepen their knowledge in their specific area of chosen research, to improve their research skills and teaches how to conduct independent original empirical studies. The studies usually extend over four years and graduate students receive a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.


Admission Requirements:

1. A master’s degree from recognized academic institutions from the following areas: Gerontology; psychology; behavioral sciences; criminology; sociology and anthropology; social work; political science; economics; business administration; education; nursing; pharmacy, public health, physiotherapy.

2. M.A. graduates with thesis are required to complete their M.A. studies with a minimum final grade of 85 in both courses and in their thesis.

3. For master’s students who did not complete a thesis, their acceptance is conditioned upon writing a M.A. thesis/ an equivalent of an M.A. thesis, which can also be the basis for a subsequent PhD proposal. The grade is given after an oral examination, conducted by the doctoral supervisor, the department head and an internal examiner.

4. The topic of the doctoral research should be relevant to research areas of the department’s faculty members (see website for the list of faculty members who are eligible to supervise Ph.D. thesis).

Admission of students is in accordance with the statute of the School of Graduate Studies. First, the candidates will apply to the Committee for Graduate Studies of theDepartment of Social & Health Sciences. To evaluate their suitability, they will be interviewed and required to complete a test. Subsequently, they will submit their application to the School of Graduate Studies.

The Committee of the School of Graduate Studies does not guarantee that any of the applicants will be accepted even if the applicants meet the minimum requirements.



1. At least 12 credits that includes three courses (two required and one elective) and three seminars. The departmental committee will decide upon the final number of hours that the student will be required to complete, in accordance with the planned study program of the student.    

2.  A student who is writing a quantitative/empirical study is required to take an advanced course in quantitative research methods and an advanced course in statistics.

3.  A student who is writing a qualitative/theoretical study is required to take an advanced course in qualitative research methods and another required advanced course, which is vital for the writing of the dissertation; based on the recommendation of his/her supervisor and on the confirmation of the Departmental Committee.

4. The student must complete all courses by complying with course requirements.

5. Seminars will include: an advanced seminar according to the decision of the supervisor. In addition, the student will participate in the department's seminar and in the Ph.D. student seminar. The participation in seminars requires the active presence of the student and an oral presentation of the student's work (the oral presentation will be given in the Ph.D. students seminar).

6. If the student encounters difficulties in finding an appropriate advanced seminar, he or she can substitute an advanced seminar with an advanced course.

7. The requirements for English competency and for Judaic/general studies are part of the requirements, which appear on the website of the School of Graduate Studies.

8. Submission of Ph.D. thesis will be permitted only after the student has completed all course requirements.


The Process of Application:

Applications should be submitted to the committee for graduate studies of the Department of Social & Health Sciences, according to the details which appear on the department's website. Candidacy can be submitted during the full duration of the academic year.


For further details

Please connect with Chen Avraham, coordinator for graduate studies