Medical Imaging program

Medical Imaging Program (BSc)


Goal of the Program

This is a 3-year program with one track. The curriculum includes courses such as: anatomy and physiology, radiation physics, radiation safety, general and life sciences ultrasound, radiotherapy, invasive radiology, Computed Tomography imaging, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging.


In hospitals, students will receive practical experience under the supervision of an expert in the field.


Conditions of Acceptance

Applicants must meet the following conditions for acceptance:

  • Acceptance cutoff of 51 in a combined weighting of the average Bagrut and psychometry exam score. You can weigh your chances of acceptance at this link:
  • found on the University website.
  • Preference to examinees who took 4 math units in the Bagrut exam with a score of 80 or above.
  • Score of 100 in the English section of the psychometry.
  • Score of 120 in the Yael exam
  • Eligible applicants will be invited to an interview in the department. The department will assign the candidate to one of the imaging schools.


Selection of applicants is done based on weighing all of the applicant’s data relative to all of the applicants in that particular year. The department does not guarantee the acceptance of all applicants, even if they meet all of the requirements outlined above.


The admissions committee is not required to discuss applicants who do not meet all of the conditions for acceptance. In rare and unique cases, acceptance will be considered for applicants who do not meet all of the acceptance criteria, in accordance with the decision and consideration of the admissions committee.


Discussions of these applicants will occur in late stages of the registration period, after the discussion of the candidates who meet all of the acceptance criteria.


Registration fees will not be refunded, including for candidates who were not accepted into the program, or who canceled their registration.


As part of the application, applicants will be required to fill out several forms: a safety-net statement and a health statement.


Yael Exam


The Yael exam is a Hebrew knowledge exam, that is required of all University applicants who completed their Bagrut and Psychometry exams in a language other than Hebrew. Most of the examinees are from the Arab society, foreign students, and those who made Aliyah. The range of scores is the same as the English Psychometry exam and the Amiram exam – a score of 150 or above.


Beginning from year 2023, the University acceptance threshold will be a score of 105 on the Yael exam.


For applicants who received a Yael exam score in the range of 84-104, the University will offer concentrated summer courses with the goal to improve students’ Hebrew level. At the end of the course, students will be required to take the Yael exams and meet the required score of 105 and above.


*insert link to “curriculum program for 2023”


Employment Opportunities:

The possibility to practice in the field of medical imaging is subject to the requirements of the Ministry of Health.


Those who graduate can continue to advanced studies after completing the required prerequisites in accordance with the department to which they have enrolled.


*Clarification: studying in the program awards students an academic degree in medical imaging only. The possibility of practicing in the field of medical imaging is subject to the requirements of the Ministry of Health.


*Granting of the degree is subject to the approval of the Council for Higher Education.


Employment Opportunity:

Our graduates typically find employment in hospitals, community health services and private institutions. Depending on the students’ grades, they can apply to graduate studies at various departments.

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