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I am proud to share that I am part of the first cohort of graduates of the Human Resource Management degree at Bar-Ilan University! Before I began the degree, I debated a lot about what I wanted to study, where, and especially within what framework. On the one hand, I have always known that I really like people, and on the other hand that I am very interested in management. After much debate, I came to this amazing program, and it is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. The degree perfectly combines academic, theoretical, and practical sides, directly from the field.


However, beyond its interesting contents, it was important to me that the faculty and staff would be humane and attentive. This is perhaps one of the things that most characterizes the faculty and staff of this program – personal connection, fascinating and attentive lecturers, and everything really goes together. An additional and important factor is the relationships developed in the field. We met men and women, vice presidents, and lecturers in the field of human resources.


Highly recommend!