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Choosing to study within the Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences was the best choice I could have made for my undergraduate studies.


The uniqueness of the department is first and foremost in its faculty and staff. Being part of the Interdisciplinary Department means feeling that you are part of a “family.” It means knowing that the staff cares about you, without compromising excellence, professionalism, and success. The faculty and staff see you as one of them, and help you to find the path that is right for you, within a broad range of possibilities.


For three years, I acquired learning skills in a variety of skills, and received comprehensive tutoring in the field of social sciences. The combination of different disciplines was key to establishing the foundation for my future.  Thanks to a curriculum that combines different aspects of the human mind and society, I was able to think about the same topic from several different perspectives, and this allowed me to continue to advanced studies that combine both therapy and research.


Today, through research that I am conducting within the framework of a doctoral program in Psychology, I use tools that I learned during my undergraduate studies, I continue to consult with the teaching faculty, and I always remember that thanks to my studies in the department I have been exposed to topics that I am still involved with today. 


To anyone interested in the human mind and society and who wants to receive a broad, enriching, and critical knowledge base, I recommend joining the department and finding their own unique path in the field of social sciences.