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I am proud to be among the graduates of the first cohort of the Gerontology program at Bar-Ilan University. In my opinion, this is a groundbreaking program for Gerontology studies in Israel. The brilliant idea to combine the fields of social sciences and life sciences, in order to create a more holistic understanding of the older individual, was what brought me and my classmates back to the classroom. I am convinced that this program will continue to be at the forefront of the field, as a result of the winning combination of the two disciplines. Today I am the advisor to the head of a county senior citizen affairs organization. This is an ideal fit for me because my professional abilities are derived, amongst other things, from the broad knowledge I gained during my studies.  I received the degree, but that was not my only goal. The other goal, if not the main one for me, was to enjoy the path. There is no doubt that the academic faculty and administrative staff paved a comfortable path for us students, and guided us to overcome challenges in the context of high academic standards.